Epicenter X Exhibition

Saudi Contemporary Art at the Arab American National MuseumDearborn, MI

July 08, 2017–October 01, 2017


Epicenter X explored contemporary Saudi culture by promoting meaningful dialogue between Saudi artists and U.S. audiences. Cutting through the political discourse of media outlets and government officials, the artworks featured in this exhibition opened doors to the lives of the Saudi people. In doing so, this presentation challenged common views and stereotypes of Arab culture by lending a voice to artists exploring poignant ideas centered on urbanization, globalization, religion and the impact of American popular culture in Saudi society. ​ Part of Bridges 2016–2017: An Ithra Initiative


The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) / Saudi Aramco


CULTURUNNERS / Edge of Arabia

Project scope


Exhibition catalogue book (89 pages)

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Participating artists

Abdullah Al Othman

Nasser Al Salem

Yusef Alahmad

Musaed Alhulis

Marwah Almugait

Amr Alngmah


Ahmad Angawi

Ayman Yossri Daydban

Abdulnasser Gharem

Mawadah Muhtasib